What’s on the menu? – 5

I can’t believe we waited until Tuesday to have our first outdoor meal this week! On a personal note, I was avoiding too much of the restaurant food as I was gearing up for the #QIFF2015 (Qatar International Food Festival) and thinking about the treats I had last year and absolutely was looking forward to new additions this year as it looked extremely promising. Let’s find out if I was pleased this year and much more.

Tuesday was a ‘try new restaurant’ kind of a day and we visited the much anticipated ‘Dakshin’ at Barwa Village. Authentic South Indian food and my first time with hardcore flavors of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (South Indian states). I thought it was brilliant and though I didn’t have any past experience to compare it to, I am sure to go back and tingle those taste buds with spicy food and for that filter Kaafi (coffee). The service was a bit of a downside (review soon here).

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What’s on the menu? – 5

Opal by Gordon Ramsay Friday A La Carte Brunch – Review

As much as I love fancy elaborate brunches, I don’t always savor them as a routine which meant I was, especially, excited to visit Opal by Gordon Ramsay at the St. Regis – an event planned long in advance for the little one’s second birthday bash!
For a laid back person like myself, I opted for the a la carte Friday Brunch where we were serviced to eternity and spoilt seemed like a small word.

From the point you enter the restaurant, you are in a different world right from the gazebo at the foyer to the outdoor seating overlooking the Arabian sea. A nice cozy table was setup for 4 persons and a toddler in the interior of the restaurant exactly as I’d asked at the time of reservation. The Al-fresco area was gorgeous but the weather on that day was a mix of pleasant, windy, sand storm and back to being gorgeously breezy (we spent a great time at the rooftop post brunch).

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Radio Show – 02/12/2014

As promised, there are fresh and exciting news regularly with Hungry Birds Doha. This latest chapter is a segment part of The Drive Show on the QF Radio (English).

Every weekday from 3 30 pm – 4 30 pm, Nabil Al Nashar conducts a themed drive show and Wednesday is Food & Lifestyle segment. Hungry Birds Doha is a guest with QF Radio talking about all the food news and happenings in Doha, Qatar.

Without a doubt, most of you are already tuned into the radio show live. However, I will still go ahead and do a recap each week after the show to summarize what we spoke about in case you miss out on listening to us.



Starting the segment with a brief introduction of Hungry Birds Doha as a norm, we moved to discuss the many Business Lunches offered in Qatar.

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