Ramadan Kareem 2014

Confused where to feast for your choice of Iftars and Suhoors?

Not being able to search for a comprehensive list last year myself, I thought of contacting restaurants and hotels directly this year and gather all the information I could for my foodie followers.

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Wrap It – Doha

‘Add colours to your meal’ proudly quoted by Wrap It is a newly sprung quick service restaurant amidst the other busy popular (not) fast food outlets at the Villagio Mall and specializes in fresh customized wraps and salads.

Having won Qatar’s Favourite Fast Food Chain, a visit was a must for me. Placing importance on design and decor that reflects their fresh menu, the idea remains simple – to provide bright, fun and modern restaurant setting that engages your interest instantly. They have a single table aligend to the wall with bar stools placed across, so you could enjoy your meal in their crib instead of being out there in the overflowing food court seating area.

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Shakespeare & Co. – Doha

There are very few times when I visit a boutique and I am so overwhelmed with the whole experience – the food, presentation, service, ambiance, decor, you name it and its worth it all! Yes, I am not bragging, just elaborating on my amazing dinner date with my sister at Shakespeare and Co. Dates sound cheesy but it was indeed one, we were having our time after very long. If you have read my recent posts, you might have come across a press release about Shakespeare and Co. expanding with 2 new locations, which is great as such boutiques totally deserve attention. It is one of my favorite breakfast cum brunch places as they serve it all day. Its sounds weird but I have had their English Breakfast at 11 PM once only because of my funny cravings and they are that good!!

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