Christmas & New Year 2015

Seasons Greetings!
It’s that time of the year yet again that we have worked for 365 days. Here is a little insight to what restaurants are offering this festive season.
Happy holidays and wish you a foodelicious Christmas and New Year!
* All information below is just a compilation received directly from the restaurants and subject to change as per the decision from respective restaurants.
*Only included as many hotels and restaurants who I could contact and receive any first hand information.

*There is no particular ranking order in which this list is executed. I don’t endorse any property either.
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Outback Steakhouse – Doha

‘No rules, just right!’ That’s what Outback – an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant proudly frames their tag line.

What they get right:
– Their modern ambience with a spacious area complimenting the larger than life attitude of the region.
– The perfect location being – The Lagoona Mall.
– Friendly Staff that are very good with keeping the kids busy while you enjoy your meal.

Well, what isn’t right or let’s say didn’t work well for us was the steaks – the prime reason we visited them.

We started off with a nice freshly baked bread with butter. I like the way it was served to us – a knife inserted in the middle of the bread presented on a wooden board.

Our stomachs were growling on this evening for food and what better to opt for than juicy tender filling steaks. Having heard mixed reviews about Outback, we still gave it a shot to see for ourselves their offerings.

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