What’s not to love about this date night?

There is definitely a surplus of fine dining places when it comes to different cuisines. But let’s say one evening you feel like a date night but don’t want tiny morsels on the big plate. In no way do I mean to offend any of the gorgeous fine dining boutiques but when it comes to burgers, I am biased.

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Hungry Birds Doha

Truly a boutique!

If you did read this review I did 2 years ago (wowwww just feels like I started yesterday though!), it is a no brainer that I am on a lookout for a decent dine in place that is dedicated to burgers and this week has just been amazing – 2 burger joints back to back. Although, I will review one of the places next month, I did a little sneak peek for you on Zomato – read more about it here!
Anyway, coming back to the restaurant that I will be raving about in my post today, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new sensation in the D-town and close to my heart (it’s from Kuwait) – Burger Boutique.
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What’s on the menu? – 2

I can write about food everyday and not always being able to share the food love with you each time I think of it is disappointing. There will be a summary once a week with minimal words and more pictures giving you a little insight before you read the detailed review later and I’ll call this little space – What’s on the menu?
This week started slow on eating out and concentration was more towards being home, cooking and trying my hand at making vada pav (commonly known as Mumbai Burger). I, also, experimented with making the Maharashtrian Garlic chutney – which wasn’t the perfect texture but I will give it a try again till I can get the condiment consistency right.
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