Competition: When my profession met my passion

By now, I’m pretty confident I’ve made it very evident about my love for food in the last two years. Little have I ever discussed what my real job was before motherhood was bestowed upon me. Yes, boys and girls, prior to being a mom I was working as an Interior Designer. In fact I’m still one, although not practicing it for a living; the creativity doesn’t ever eradicate. ​
Now it may feel a bit out of focus why, out of the blue, I’m all enthusiastic about my former job profile on a food blog. So, the big fat happy news this birthday week is a collaboration with Ikea Middle East.
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Surprise gift for my readers

Not only does it give me immense pleasure, but also I owe it to my readers for all the overwhelming likes, shares and comments in the last 2 years that you have contributed towards Hungry Birds Doha. ​

This year, as part of my birthday celebrations, I am giving away a surprise return gift to one of my readers and to enroll is easy peasy.

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What’s not to love about this date night?

There is definitely a surplus of fine dining places when it comes to different cuisines. But let’s say one evening you feel like a date night but don’t want tiny morsels on the big plate. In no way do I mean to offend any of the gorgeous fine dining boutiques but when it comes to burgers, I am biased.

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