The Noodle House – Doha

In my quest of a decent Chinese place, I’ve often seen The Noodle House. Their logo had tempted me on numerous occasions but somehow I always gave it a miss. Giving it a shot this time – courtesy to my Entertainer voucher, we dedicated a weekend evening to South East Asian cuisine. The restaurant reminds me of a setup like one of the regular joints I visited in Kuwait (homeland).

Drafted out menu where you tick your selection, open kitchen and the whole feel of the interior got me homesick. Though I had like to mention the staff wasn’t as friendly and the location of the restaurant itself felt like a block misplaced in the hallway of the City Centre Mall. People moving up and down from the elevator could see right through your dining experience (not a fan of being eyed while eating, are you?).

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Qatar International Food Festival 2014 & Dinner in the Sky

This weekend has been action packed with various interesting events happening across Doha. Qatar International Food Festival being one event that everyone has been so excited about – my personal favourite and has been the talk of the town since the mark of 2014.
Not being able to visit on Day 1, I made sure the 2nd day fit well in my schedule as the last year I was able to make it in time only at the last few hours of the 3 day long festival. This year Uber Doha  – Uber Doha Twitter has privileged visitors to travel in class using their service complimentary using the promo code #QIFF2014. Making use of the fantastic offer, we went to and fro travelling in the Cadillac first and back home in an S class with WIFI all through (aint that a good deal now?). QIFF has made it more flexible this time around and no standing in queues for the coupons like the last year. You go to the restaurant stall and buy your choices using direct cash (thank God we are spared the back & forth and the service fee). Everything was organized well and divided into easy directional zones.
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La Spiga by Papermoon Friday Broonch – Doha

Craving for an Italian treat, are you? You have got one Foodies! A much needed authentic Italian boutique is in Doha finally. Launched mid last year, La Spiga by Papermoon at W Doha now brings to you the Friday Broonch introduced a few weeks ago serving authentic Italian dishes brought right to your table and as much as you care to eat with the addition of an antipasti buffet.

Having La Spiga listed in my to-do list, what came as a surprise was I won a Friday Broonch for 2 in a competition early this month.

What instantly gives this beautiful W Doha addition a 5 star is the hospitality and the ever smiling staff. This place, I have to admit, is by far THE number 1 in my experience with regards to service. If you have kids, you are in the right place because their staff love kids. They played all through our broonch time with my son. The managers came at least twice to check on us and if we needed anything. And, I noticed this was a practice with all the guests present during my time there (rare to find in Doha).

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