Interview: Rou’s Sweet Corner

As promised earlier this week about an Interview with the lovely Rou’a Wehbi from Rou’s Sweet Corner, I was very excited to know more about the person behind the baking of all those goodies I received last month (check out the review here).

Warning: You are now going to read a conversation that is highly sweetening, please make sure you have eaten something ( I am just kidding, go ahead, read it and over to Rou’a now).

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Interview: Rou’s Sweet Corner


Triple Apple – Doha

Triple Apple – the name itself lures you into receiving a triple treat from its promising façade and bold branding!
Very refreshing and open hearted colours with clean interiors is what you instantly see as you enter. I was somehow very enthusiastic at visiting them. So on a random weekday, to fulfil our sweet tooth, we passed by Triple Apple to pick up some pastries.
I wouldn’t say I had a warm greet but wasn’t cold too. Our server did guide us well through their offerings.
Our order:
Oreo cheese cup, blueberry cheese cup, raspberry pastry, red velvet pastry, vanilla and chocolate cake pops and dark chocolate cake candy. Oh, and a pack of dinner roll from their bakery.
Starting with the nice things first, everything on their display is so well presented that you are compelled at once to buy all you can in a day.
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