Ramadan Kareem 2016

Every year at this time as a tradition, I put up a post that is a comprehensive listing of what brands have on offer for Ramadan. This is the 3rd post of its kind on the blog and although it doesn’t include every brand, I did try to contact as many as possible and give you a single go to link so you can compare them all on the same page and make a choice.

The list this year is more elaborate  than 2015 with a lot of new names added to enhance your Iftar & Suhoor experience yet again! With more Ramadan tents and unique concepts, below is the listing for Ramadan offerings compiled by Hungry Birds Doha.

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Chocolate Fantasy in progress…

Due to lack of time, my typical breakfast on a weekday is rather simple without much experimenting and includes my absolute necessary tea with a piece of toast with labneh – leaving me enthusiastic enough to try a new breakfast boutique over the weekend.

Friday mornings are to get out there and treat myself to amazing breakfast places. One such isChaclate at Katara.

Mid last year, a friend (Ms. Hala) and myself met for breakfast (10ish) at Chaclate which wasn’t too late in my opinion. The ‘Chocolate Breakfast’ is what was on the lookout but sad enough they ran out of that and the other options (highly priced) didn’t appeal to us. Leading us to enjoy our morning at Paul in Lagoona Mall (the next best closest – there is Sugar n Spice in the same mall but was closed).

What brought us back to Chaclate was an invite from them to try the breakfast on another occasion due to the shortcoming on this day. We thought why not!

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Chocolate Fantasy in progress…

Mangia! Mangia!

I’m a huge fan of Italian food and my ultimate dream is to go to Italy and devour the cuisine just the way Julia Roberts did in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Of course, this sounds as cliche as it can be, but it is one hundred percent true. As the title suggests, Mangia is Italian for Eat and that is what I did for 2 hours at the New Menu Tasting at Il Teatro restaurant.

Right from greasy creamy pasta to pizza and anti pasti, from fast food to formal dining, I’ve had Italian right from when I was a child. I’ve only grown to know that Italian that we had as children wasn’t authentic after all with a lot of Indian spice mixed in to bring in the flavour.

Not having the chance to visit many Italian restaurants in Qatar, I would recommend you visit Rosalyn at Dream Days Blog who has a  round up of the amazing Italian places in one post (she’s big on Italian food too, an amazing lifestyle blogger and a great friend).

I’ve deviated too much today from the highlight which is the launch of the New Menu at Il Teatro – Four Seasons Doha where we were invited to review the sumptuous and decadent delicacies introduced by Chef Marco Arlotti.

In one word, it was absolutely mind blowing! Since I  couldn’t attend the official media event, they were kind enough to arrange a  special evening when I’d the chef attend to me exclusively (Italian Chef with his recommendations specially for me – definitely Italy brought to me in Doha).

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