Opal by Gordon Ramsay Friday A La Carte Brunch – Review

As much as I love fancy elaborate brunches, I don’t always savor them as a routine which meant I was, especially, excited to visit Opal by Gordon Ramsay at the St. Regis – an event planned long in advance for the little one’s second birthday bash!
For a laid back person like myself, I opted for the a la carte Friday Brunch where we were serviced to eternity and spoilt seemed like a small word.

From the point you enter the restaurant, you are in a different world right from the gazebo at the foyer to the outdoor seating overlooking the Arabian sea. A nice cozy table was setup for 4 persons and a toddler in the interior of the restaurant exactly as I’d asked at the time of reservation. The Al-fresco area was gorgeous but the weather on that day was a mix of pleasant, windy, sand storm and back to being gorgeously breezy (we spent a great time at the rooftop post brunch).

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