Fusion Restaurant Friday Brunch – Doha

How important has the Friday brunch culture become in Qatar, I ponder?  Honestly, my loyalties are mostly with weekend breakfasts, but with so many varied options for a Brunch; I wonder who would bother with waking up early in the morning. That being said, I still love breakfasts and will continue to do so. 
Coming back to ‘Friday Brunch‘ – I have finally found a boutique that cooks up a vast buffet and is true to its name Fusion located at the Governor West Bay Suites & Residences.

Ideally located in the West Bay, I would easily say that Governor Suites gave me a very Arabic feeling in terms of the ambiance, rich hospitality, warm greetings and friendly staff. The interiors is modern Arabic on the whole. Fusion at the 1st floor of the hotel is a nice dining area with a buffet widespread at the atrium circumference. To me, the buffet was well placed and a little something for every palate. We were a group of 4 invited and we all had different liking.

The hexagonal atrium had tables all around with flavors from different regions mainly concentrating on European and Arabic cuisine.

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Al Sanbouk at Al Jasra Boutique Hotel – Doha

I love seafood and to have a 3 course dinner voucher for 4 persons at Al Sanbouk restaurant in Al Jasra Boutique Hotel was just perfect to dive into my favorite food from the sea.

The hotel is absolutely mesmerizing with a very calm ambiance and so was the restaurant. It was an instant turn off, though, when we waited for 5 minutes and there was no one to attend to us in the restaurant. What surprised me was that unlike it’s neighbor restaurant – Al Argan; Al Sanbouk was empty entirely. We did have someone to assist us finally and we were seated at the table of our choice. I always think its nice to have people dining around me than to be at a restaurant by ourselves. If this was a romantic sort of an evening, it would be perfect!

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Chili’s – Doha

There’s a reason you pick Chili’s as your choice of fast casual out of the many American competition in the region!
They are more of a quiet setup, not very noisy, moderately formal interiors and staff and their food pictures are actually what is served to you. Yes, it is a bit high in price comparatively. But what you get as an experience on the whole is flavoursome, sinful yet satisfying food.

As soon as we entered, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff. Assuming we could use our Entertainer vouchers, we presented that in the beginning itself but were disappointed that it could be used only in 3 branches of the country and City Centre Mall branch wasn’t on the list. However, we continued to our table and below is what we ordered:

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