Chili’s – Doha

There’s a reason you pick Chili’s as your choice of fast casual out of the many American competition in the region!
They are more of a quiet setup, not very noisy, moderately formal interiors and staff and their food pictures are actually what is served to you. Yes, it is a bit high in price comparatively. But what you get as an experience on the whole is flavoursome, sinful yet satisfying food.

As soon as we entered, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff. Assuming we could use our Entertainer vouchers, we presented that in the beginning itself but were disappointed that it could be used only in 3 branches of the country and City Centre Mall branch wasn’t on the list. However, we continued to our table and below is what we ordered:

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California Tortilla – Doha

Being a big fan of cheese, one has to be a dedicated foodie to Mexican cuisine. In the longest time, I don’t remember gorging onto this yummy delight.
California Tortilla came across as something I was compelled to try.
Right from the moment I entered this boutique, it got me into exploring the decor.



I would say this place is somewhere between a fast food joint and a dine-in restaurant. Though, on the price end, it was a bit heavy on the pocket.
The restaurant is spacious, has a very beautiful kid’s area.


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