Get to know me!

So, it all started out with an evening discussion where my hubby and sister suggested that I’d rather start blogging about dining out in Doha as I’m so interested in experimenting new restaurants (also hinting my laziness with cooking). And also referring to friends about what restaurants could be a perfect weekend place, romantic dinner or even a budgeted perfect grab. I’m a mother to my 8 month old prince who keeps me on my toes and doesn’t allow me time to cook whatsoever (gives me more reason to eat out). I’m a complete foodie who loves to hog on to anything except bitter gourd.

Appearance, service, quality, quantity, value for money, ambience and most of all hospitality is what I look for in a package when I want to be pampered outside the comforts of my home. I’ll be blogging solely for food lovers like me,  making it easier to choose a dine in/ out place, and hoping that all not-so-food-lovers turn into one. All restaurant reviews will be based on my personal experience and include all cuisines and ranges. Happy eating.

Live for eating and not eat to live – my motto for an awesome life! ! !

Doaa Jabir (better known as Dodo…not for its literal meaning though mind you 😉 )