Monte’s Cafe official launch


Monte’s, a contemporary cafe and delicatessen offering breakfast and lunch is now officially open on the ground floor of Tornado Tower in West Bay.


Monte’s takes its abbreviated name as a tribute to the 4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu. This modern restaurant prides itself in using carefully sourced ingredients, prepared by a team of chefs and bakers ensuring freshly prepared food to-go.

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Hungry Birds Doha


Qatar Living 10 years celebration at French Olive

Wanting to review this gem since the longest I can remember, the perfect blend of Italian – French cuisine with a fantabulous bakery.
On my various visits, I’ve enjoyed their pizzas the most as well as the lasagne. I’ve to mention their kid friendly cutlery is a special touch and definitely a huge positive for a parent.
A few days before I’d an invite to sample some of the gorgeous dishes put together by the chef for a food bloggers dinner event hosted by Qatar Living as a celebration of completing 10 successful years in the country. It was a pleasure meeting some wonderful food bloggers alongside the warm staff at French Olive and Qatar Living. We were given a personalized tour of the restaurant and the open kitchen by the Chef himself.

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Hungry Birds Doha

What’s on the menu? – 4

Deliciously starting the week with a difficult task, I  was adamant to at least have one batch of the Macarons right, out of the three that I baked. With lot of motivation from my Facebook friends and Polly, I did succeed considering this was my first ever attempt!

What I learnt from my experience with Macarons that no one will tell you:
Don’t ever grind the almond flour too much, it will turn into a  paste.
Folding the batter just right is the most important.
Rest the beauties for at least 20 minutes before baking them.
Always use the top flame if you have a  gas oven and keep checking every 3 minutes or this is what you will get!

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What’s on the menu?