Monte’s Cafe official launch


Monte’s, a contemporary cafe and delicatessen offering breakfast and lunch is now officially open on the ground floor of Tornado Tower in West Bay.


Monte’s takes its abbreviated name as a tribute to the 4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu. This modern restaurant prides itself in using carefully sourced ingredients, prepared by a team of chefs and bakers ensuring freshly prepared food to-go.

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Hungry Birds Doha


What’s on the menu? – 5

I can’t believe we waited until Tuesday to have our first outdoor meal this week! On a personal note, I was avoiding too much of the restaurant food as I was gearing up for the #QIFF2015 (Qatar International Food Festival) and thinking about the treats I had last year and absolutely was looking forward to new additions this year as it looked extremely promising. Let’s find out if I was pleased this year and much more.

Tuesday was a ‘try new restaurant’ kind of a day and we visited the much anticipated ‘Dakshin’ at Barwa Village. Authentic South Indian food and my first time with hardcore flavors of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (South Indian states). I thought it was brilliant and though I didn’t have any past experience to compare it to, I am sure to go back and tingle those taste buds with spicy food and for that filter Kaafi (coffee). The service was a bit of a downside (review soon here).

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What’s on the menu? – 5

Hidden Gem in Wakra

This review has been long overdue and even though there is nothing fancy about the restaurant their food talks for them! Sewar Al Sham is a hidden gem in this city and our favourite weekday indulgence.

This is not the usual small-time Lebanese place that is not suited for women. The ambiance is very welcoming, clean interiors, hygienic atmosphere and kid friendly to top it all – there! they got their brownie points! There is no segregation in areas, but families can easily enjoy a good time.
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