Traditional Christmas food at Radio Show – 24/12/0214

Continuing the festive season this week too, our topic for the day was Christmas traditional food. Most of them are common to all regions with a slight variation region wise. We discussed the more popular foods (couldn’t fit in all the traditional dishes).

Starting with the most popular –

  • Christmas Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

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Traditional Christmas Food at Radio Show 

Festive Season at Radio Show

Geared up for the festive season already, we definitely couldn’t miss talking about food – the most essential aspect of any festivity. An elaborate discussion about enjoying Christmas with family vs at Hotels, we collectively thought nothing like being with the family. Although, most of us are here sans family and enjoying the festival at a hotel/restaurant sounds exemplary giving you the chance to meet and greet with new people and take pleasure in delectable food all at the same time.

Christmas and New Year means serious business in this region. What you have on offer is overwhelming right from Eve dinner buffets/set menus to brunches to afternoon teas – you have it all!

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Festive Season at Radio Show

Popular Al-fresco dining at Radio Show – 10/12/2014

As promised, there are fresh and exciting news regularly with Hungry Birds Doha. This latest chapter is a segment part of The Drive Show on the QF Radio (English).

Every weekday from 3 30 pm – 4 30 pm, Nabil Al Nashar conducts a themed drive show and Wednesday is Food & Lifestyle segment. Hungry Birds Doha is a guest with QF Radio talking about all the food news and happenings in Doha, Qatar.

Without a doubt, most of you are already tuned into the radio show live. However, I will still go ahead and do a recap each week after the show to summarize what we spoke about in case you miss out on listening to us.

This week and the next (17/12/2014) will be aired from 4 30 pm – 5 30 pm as the #TheQFDrive is taking place from Darb Al Saei. So, don’t be confused when you hear me at 5 pm instead of the usual 4 pm each Wednesday.


Enjoying a few Al fresco dining evenings already this season, it is a must we discuss some of the great places in Doha that offer food with a view and natural breeze.

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