What’s on the menu? – 4

Deliciously starting the week with a difficult task, I  was adamant to at least have one batch of the Macarons right, out of the three that I baked. With lot of motivation from my Facebook friends and Polly, I did succeed considering this was my first ever attempt!

What I learnt from my experience with Macarons that no one will tell you:
Don’t ever grind the almond flour too much, it will turn into a  paste.
Folding the batter just right is the most important.
Rest the beauties for at least 20 minutes before baking them.
Always use the top flame if you have a  gas oven and keep checking every 3 minutes or this is what you will get!

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What’s on the menu?

Christmas & New Year 2015

Seasons Greetings!
It’s that time of the year yet again that we have worked for 365 days. Here is a little insight to what restaurants are offering this festive season.
Happy holidays and wish you a foodelicious Christmas and New Year!
* All information below is just a compilation received directly from the restaurants and subject to change as per the decision from respective restaurants.
*Only included as many hotels and restaurants who I could contact and receive any first hand information.

*There is no particular ranking order in which this list is executed. I don’t endorse any property either.
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California Tortilla – Doha

Being a big fan of cheese, one has to be a dedicated foodie to Mexican cuisine. In the longest time, I don’t remember gorging onto this yummy delight.
California Tortilla came across as something I was compelled to try.
Right from the moment I entered this boutique, it got me into exploring the decor.



I would say this place is somewhere between a fast food joint and a dine-in restaurant. Though, on the price end, it was a bit heavy on the pocket.
The restaurant is spacious, has a very beautiful kid’s area.


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