Qatar Living 10 years celebration at French Olive

Wanting to review this gem since the longest I can remember, the perfect blend of Italian – French cuisine with a fantabulous bakery.
On my various visits, I’ve enjoyed their pizzas the most as well as the lasagne. I’ve to mention their kid friendly cutlery is a special touch and definitely a huge positive for a parent.
A few days before I’d an invite to sample some of the gorgeous dishes put together by the chef for a food bloggers dinner event hosted by Qatar Living as a celebration of completing 10 successful years in the country. It was a pleasure meeting some wonderful food bloggers alongside the warm staff at French Olive and Qatar Living. We were given a personalized tour of the restaurant and the open kitchen by the Chef himself.

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Hungry Birds Doha

What’s on the menu? – 4

Deliciously starting the week with a difficult task, I  was adamant to at least have one batch of the Macarons right, out of the three that I baked. With lot of motivation from my Facebook friends and Polly, I did succeed considering this was my first ever attempt!

What I learnt from my experience with Macarons that no one will tell you:
Don’t ever grind the almond flour too much, it will turn into a  paste.
Folding the batter just right is the most important.
Rest the beauties for at least 20 minutes before baking them.
Always use the top flame if you have a  gas oven and keep checking every 3 minutes or this is what you will get!

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What’s on the menu?

What’s on the menu? – 1

I can write about food everyday. Not always being able to share the food love with you each time I think of it is disappointing. Starting today, there will be a summary once a week with minimal words and more pictures giving you a little insight before you read the detailed review later and I’ll call this little space – What’s on the menu? (WOTM).

What started off as a very nervous and anxious day on Saturday last week ended with a fun packed full house of successful first #FoodBloggersQTRMeet held at Four Seasons Hotel. A bit of an achievement as it was my first as an event organizer too. Here are some pictures from the fabulous meet and the amazing food bloggers in the country! Be sure to subscribe to Food Bloggers Qatar Club and follow on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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What’s on the menu? – 1