Ramadan Kareem 2016

Every year at this time as a tradition, I put up a post that is a comprehensive listing of what brands have on offer for Ramadan. This is the 3rd post of its kind on the blog and although it doesn’t include every brand, I did try to contact as many as possible and give you a single go to link so you can compare them all on the same page and make a choice.

The list this year is more elaborate  than 2015 with a lot of new names added to enhance your Iftar & Suhoor experience yet again! With more Ramadan tents and unique concepts, below is the listing for Ramadan offerings compiled by Hungry Birds Doha.

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Ramadan Kareem Listing 2015

After a popular and most viewed post last year of the Ramadan listing (read more about it here), we have even more exciting and newer places added on to enhance your iftar & suhoor experience this year yet again! With more Ramdan tents and unique concepts, below is the listing for Ramadan offerings compiled by Hungry Birds Doha.

Wishing you all the very best for the holy month of Ramadan and as always…

…Happy eating xx
Don’t forget to fast!

* All information below is just a compilation received directly from the hotels or restaurants and/ or their social media pages and subject to change as per the decision from respective properties.

*There is no particular ranking order in which this list is executed. Hungry Birds Doha doesn’t endorse any property either.
*Make sure you reserve a table prior to your visit specially if it is for a big group.
*Feel free to comment below if we have not added your property or your favorite restaurant.

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Ramadan Kareem Listing 2015

Same dish, 2 prices?

I love authentic desi food and miss it dearly in Qatar. Now you would say there are so many Indian/Pakistani restaurants, but most of them are altered in taste (spice-o-meter) to fit in with the masses – result: desiness lost!

Nonetheless, there are a few that remain my favourite but not as authentic. The only place so far that has come close to being original is Zaoq located at Salwa Road which is bubbling with people and never disappoints with their food. The restaurant sign says it’s Pakistani but has a lot of Indian/mughlai touches. I would say it’s a  mix between the two countries.

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