La Varenne Friday Brunch – Doha

How many times have you experienced a buffet where you don’t go to the table rather the table is brought to you every time you want that particular favourite dish and unlimited times with a smile never failing as if icing on the cake?
Well, my only answer is the La Varenne Friday brunch wonderfully compiled by Chef Stuart Collins. This was my first experience where I ate to my fullest without taking any effort to fill my plate. The wonderful staff makes sure they spoil and spoon feed you to eternity (I’m the spoilt sorts, loved the pampering). Overlooking the Arabian sea from the 28th floor, is La Varenne boasting classical   French cuisine served in a contemporary setting little bit of everything in their brunch and nothing comparable to buffets or brunches you may have or will try. One easily falls in love with the restaurant as you enter; with very open colours and simple pastels. A nice beautiful Damien Hirst art piece (how Qatar loves art) just behind the reception complimenting the décor.  What instantly takes your heart is the enthusiasm of the staff eagerly awaiting to assist and serve you. We are guided to our table and though the restaurant was full, you will not feel crowded or intruded and you can easily enjoy your privacy amidst a house full.
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