Radio Show – 26/11/2014

As promised, there are fresh and exciting news regularly with Hungry Birds Doha. This latest chapter is a segment part of The Drive Show on the QF Radio (English).
Every weekday from 3 30 pm – 4 30 pm, Nabil Al Nashar conducts a themed drive show and Wednesday is Food & Lifestyle segment. Hungry Birds Doha is a guest with QF Radio talking about all the food news and happenings in Doha, Qatar.
Without a doubt, most of you are already tuned into the radio show live. However, I will still go ahead and do a recap each week after the show to summarize what we spoke about in case you miss out on listening to us.


The segment started with a petite discussion about National Cake day and how 26th November should be a national holiday worldwide!
Jokes apart, our topic of the day was an interesting one and definitely one of my favorites – Afternoon Tea.

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