Chocolate Fantasy in progress…

Due to lack of time, my typical breakfast on a weekday is rather simple without much experimenting and includes my absolute necessary tea with a piece of toast with labneh – leaving me enthusiastic enough to try a new breakfast boutique over the weekend.

Friday mornings are to get out there and treat myself to amazing breakfast places. One such isChaclate at Katara.

Mid last year, a friend (Ms. Hala) and myself met for breakfast (10ish) at Chaclate which wasn’t too late in my opinion. The ‘Chocolate Breakfast’ is what was on the lookout but sad enough they ran out of that and the other options (highly priced) didn’t appeal to us. Leading us to enjoy our morning at Paul in Lagoona Mall (the next best closest – there is Sugar n Spice in the same mall but was closed).

What brought us back to Chaclate was an invite from them to try the breakfast on another occasion due to the shortcoming on this day. We thought why not!

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Chocolate Fantasy in progress…


A resolution that is here to stay!

With the New Year kicking in style and the numerous resolutions each one had made to survive for the first week of January, Roger’s Diner has moved a step ahead with the introduction of a fresh new menu that is sure to last.

Having a very average experience early last year, let’s find out how impressed or disappointed it was for me at the launch of the new menu at Roger’s Diner.
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TGI Friday’s – Doha

Honestly, I don’t think I would have written about Friday’s. I mean why would anyone require to know how this fabulous place gets better time and again you visit. But my love for this marvellous joint compels me to spread their goodness.

Before the mark of Eid, I was ordered by hubby dearest about a dinner at Friday’s being a must must go. He just can’t get enough as well (I’m happy).

I was expecting a lot of waiting due to the holidays (hate it) but they managed to welcome us without waiting at all. My son loves the place too (rock music and bright interiors).
I always find something new to see here. Today, I saw a marvellously huge bottle of champagne held by a teeny weeny man.
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