Zaffran Cafe Review – Doha

‘You’re addicted to this place’ – a friend told me recently. Well, my answer was why not? This place deserves nothing less than an addiction. Their trophies speak for the fan following when recently they won 2 Qatar Choice Awards as the favourite new comer and favourite cafe in just about 6 months from their opening.
Now you would wonder what’s so special about this Café – it doesn’t sell Latte nor Americano!!! It brings the authenticity of the Indian streets to the gourmet food world of Doha which is so rare to find or even to deliver outside Hindustan (the patriotic Indian in me is in full spirits just now). Zaffran Café started in full throttle end of 2013 and my initial visits were great with generous hospitality. To make sure this was consistent, I visited at different intervals and I was a fan forever.
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