Ninos Restaurant – Doha

Staying far from the downtown can be a little too much to handle specially when there are not many choices to make in your vicinity.
Driving past Ninos, I always told my hubby we should go here someday, this place looks nice and perhaps serves good – my type of food and it has been procrastinated since forever.
And on a random day, as usual, hunting for a place to eat; we land up at Ninos at their closing hours in the month of Ramadan.
2013-08-02 03.38.49
From the time you enter, the décor speaks for the scrumptious journey you are in for. Though many a times I have been deceived by chic restaurant interiors but disappointing meals. The welcome was warm even though we entered at a time when they must be all prepared to leave (loved the staff service and hospitality).
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Red Velvet Cupcakery – Doha

When I think of cupcakes these days, the first thing that pops up in my mind is red velvet which am sure is the same with most of you considering the rapid popularity of this amazing red colored beauty. What better could it be when you will find a boutique named Red Velvet Cupcakery?  I loved everything about the décor, the ambience, the display of these perfectly curved beauties and what more, you get to sit on these cupcakes as well (the seats are cupcake shaped).

We ordered for Southern Belle, Devil’s Food and Cookies n’ Cream.
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2013-07-29 05.05.40


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Maya Chocolaterie – Doha



Being a chocolate devotee, I have always followed a thumb rule of ordering chocolate flavor in possibly everything be it pastries, ice creams, cup cakes or even pan cakes/ waffles. This love for the dark sin (read: calorie intake) has introduced me to wonderful and different chocolate boutiques.

Being new to Qatar,  I was still not aware of where I could fulfil my pregnancy sweet cravings. I couldn’t have asked for more when I spotted this outlet at Landmark Mall.
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