I don’t always eat out!

I am frequently asked if I ever eat at home or do I even cook on a daily basis. As much as I love to visit restaurants and eat out, it is not always possible to be out there and YES! I do cook and eat at home. Eating at home also includes the home delivery from various amazing outlets in my area. On other occasions, I am spoilt by wonderful people like Rou’a from Rou’s Sweet Corner.
Rou’a is a home baker and has a variety from cupcakes to cookies, cake rolls to cheesecake jars and truffles. What started as a passion is now evolved to a business where she spreads the goodness of her love for baking to various homes. It is the personalized touch that she has given to each of the products on offer. Receiving an invite to sample the new products and provide an honest feedback was quite an honour and I couldn’t resist when I heard Carrot Cupcakes and Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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I don’t always eat out!


Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar Review

How do you like your mornings – Chocolaty, Earl Grey, Americano? I like mine Chocolaty and it was indeed one sweet morning at Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar.
Chocolate Bar is a New York’s award winning Chocolate Store founded by Alison Nelson who has a passion for coffee herself.
Invited to experience their widespread breakfast options, there was more than just food. What really took my heart was the personal attention and the brand information exclusively set up for me as opposed to the many media events previously attended. A special shoutout to Myra, Jawaher & Chrissa from UDC Qatar.
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Maya Chocolaterie – Doha



Being a chocolate devotee, I have always followed a thumb rule of ordering chocolate flavor in possibly everything be it pastries, ice creams, cup cakes or even pan cakes/ waffles. This love for the dark sin (read: calorie intake) has introduced me to wonderful and different chocolate boutiques.

Being new to Qatar,  I was still not aware of where I could fulfil my pregnancy sweet cravings. I couldn’t have asked for more when I spotted this outlet at Landmark Mall.
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Hungry Birds Doha