Raisin the roof at Argan restaurant

Not entirely delighted at our previous visit to Al Jasra Boutique Hotel’s other restaurant – Al Sanbouk, I wasn’t quite sure if I must hold high expectations this time around at Argan – their neighboring Moroccan restaurant. However, I’d mostly heard good reviews, so there was a quite positive vibe already. The restaurant is dim lit – beautiful ambiance for a nice candle light dinner and also has a low height seating section for a more relaxed evening.

Experiencing authentic Moroccan cuisine for the first time, it was safe to order recommended dishes by our server. He was very well versed with what he suggested and knew the menu at the back of his hand (a rarity).

The service on this day was perfect with everything on time and I would have observed full marks (but on another occasion it was a bit of a let down).

We were celebrating our anniversary and I must admit we picked the right place. It was a pleasant evening with the highlight being – exquisite Moroccan food!

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