An evening like the Nawabs

Last full week saw what nawabs would be eating if they survived and would be served in this modern age. If you do follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the drool worthy Indian delicacies meeting the gastronomical culinary world and exceptional presentation. Actually, I’ve seen some of the best plating and interesting science techniques by Chef Navin and Chef Manikandan who head the team at Lifestyle restaurants (10 restaurants). Burger Gourmet that I reviewed here sometime back is also under the same umbrella and we will talk about the other restaurants in another post.
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Way too many hideouts!

If you actually explore this city, you will be amazed at the little hideouts that serve up sumptuous delights alongside great interiors and won’t disturb your pockets as much.

I reviewed a similar place last week, Sewar Al Sham (read the review here) and once more I am happy to review this outlet that is located at a petrol station. Don’t be fooled by its location, Star Kebab Tandoori is as authentic as North Indian food should actually be. There is no modification, whatsoever, with the spice-o-meter of any dish.

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Way too many hideouts!