Iftar Buffet – Horizon Manor Hotel

As a customer, all I aim is at service, food, hospitality, price and if all this blends with location even – I think that’s wonderful then! Having said that, Sarangi, the restaurant that hosted the iftar in the hotel, was bubbling with customers on a weekday which was unexpected to be honest. It is always a pleasant experience though to have people around you (that’s the whole idea most of the times).

The hotel is centrally located which gives traffic a back seat at all times and with valet parking who would complain! We were warmly welcomed and escorted to the restaurant at the Mezzanine floor. As we entered, a good selection of dates and dried apricots with kahwa (Arabic coffee) waited at the central porch with a neighboring counter offering Ramadan drinks.

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Iftar Buffet – Flying Carpet

My first Ramadan last year in Qatar was more a homely one and still being in the settling phases of a newbie had swarmed me. Honestly, I’d not been to a single iftar!

Being my second Ramadan this year, I’m quite excited and enthusiastic to see how Qatar hotels and restaurants treat the Holy month so very special and make every little effort to express the spirit.

Not being able to figure out offerings of all ranges earlier, I came up with my own customized post listing various Iftars and Suhoors.

My first Iftar buffet this year was Flying Carpet at The Torch Doha – and, I can say, without a doubt, what a start!
The Torch, as it popularly is, one of the proud structures in Doha has made a special place amidst the residents. Their hospitality and service, too, stands out as their edifice.

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