Hidden Gem in Wakra

This review has been long overdue and even though there is nothing fancy about the restaurant their food talks for them! Sewar Al Sham is a hidden gem in this city and our favourite weekday indulgence.

This is not the usual small-time Lebanese place that is not suited for women. The ambiance is very welcoming, clean interiors, hygienic atmosphere and kid friendly to top it all – there! they got their brownie points! There is no segregation in areas, but families can easily enjoy a good time.
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What’s on the menu? – 3

In the longest time I can remember this happening, the entire last week saw home delivered food or eating out at to go places every single day because I was taking care of the little one who wasn’t well and later in the week, it was passed on to me.

We are a family that puts food on the top – in sickness too. The week kick started with breakfast at Shakespeare and Co. and included superb mixed Saj with Cafe Mocha – It was delectable.

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What’s on the menu? – 3

Time to give back to the blogosphere

I have only just been introduced to the Liebster award since Polly nominated me last week, I did a bit of research over it and in my opinion it’s a wonderful thing that bloggers nominate fellow bloggers they think highly of.

As much as we are involved in blogging and connecting with our readers, we seem to not always connect with our colleagues, I want to thank Polly for nominating me and this truly is a great privilege. Check out Follow Your Sunshine if you haven’t already for some amazing hospitality and food reviews in addition to her day to day happenings.

How Polly describes the Liebster awards – “it’s an award made for bloggers by bloggers to raise their profile so that they get the recognition they deserve in the blogging world.” She also thinks I do these personal posts quite well.

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