A let down yet again at Mado

It has been a norm that I’ve followed since I started, to never write harsh reviews considering a brand can also have a  bad day.

Contrary to my regular practice, today’s review is from the basis of two visits – the first, nationality biased and the other, careless!

In the initial opening days of the restaurant, I was quite excited to experience Turkish cuisine at Mado located at the Ezdan Mall. The restaurant interiors was extremely appealing not to forget the gorgeous food images on social media which means without wasting a day, we were there.

It was buzzing with enthusiastic people waiting to gorge on to the delicious menu – the classic Turkish ice cream in particular. Likewise, we waited to get a table too. Being ignored by few staffs, we were still keeping the calm till we realized that ONLY we were not being serviced because a certain nationality was more welcomed! As exaggerating as it may sound, this was true. Post this event, when we tried contacting the mall and the restaurant, they didn’t seem to care. We left it at that and thought we won’t visit them again. This was early last year.

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A let down yet again at Mado

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