Village Restaurant – Doha

It’s rather rare to come across Indian boutiques in Doha where authentic Mughlai cuisine is served. And, it goes without a doubt that, Grill at The Village Restaurant tops this limited list! Visiting them a few times in the past as well, this was a weekend dining place decided to treat a friend.
This stand alone edifice is impeccable and divided internally in three segments: Grill – specializes in cuisines from Persia, Lebanon & India. Medi – serves Mediterranean seafood-based Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Moroccan cuisine. Deli – here, you can enjoy fresh and simple in-house baked delicacies; more like a meet and greet place. The Grill is where we indulged into our Indian palate. Located on the first floor, what immediately attracts you is their dim lit bar that serves excellent   mocktails and beverages. Private seating is what you opt for if you’re looking at a romantic getaway. For a contemporary and cozy evening, we chose their warm and vibrant ambience open dining area. Though full but easily allowing you privacy at the table.
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Nandos – Doha

Love at first bite as they rightly state; I’ve always felt the same every time I bite into Nandos freshly bought chicken (marinated overnight in their secret marinade). I bet you had return once a month (more for me) if you have relished this Portuguese (South African) menu. For us, we never   have enough of the Peri Peri passion.
As we entered, we were greeted by earthy textures and colours that reflect sunny Afro-Portuguese heritage, and walls adorned in original South African   art. Every restaurant of theirs introduces something new in terms of decor but their food remains the same across the globe.
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Burgerry – Doha

I’m yet to discover a boutique that serves gourmet burgers in Qatar. Having indulged into sumptuous places in the neighbouring countries, I had presumed exclusive gourmet burger boutiques to be part of Doha as well.
When heard of Burgerry, my instant smile had no bounds (tired of the fast food joints and their disappointing services). Immediately, it was on my to-go list. Not wasting any time, we booked ourselves the following weekend at the Burgerry. It truly makes you want to get in ASAP with their bold stand alone rustic style structure. The entrance itself is so inviting that one would wonder and be assured of the food delight inside.
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