Dunia Restaurant Media Tasting Event – Doha

If offered a chance to write a blog, my taste buds would publish a thesis full of Arabic cuisine. My palate is salivating Lebanese/ Turkish/ Persian most of the week. One such weekday was my first invitation to a media tasting event at Dunia restaurant at Villagio Mall.
Dunia, an innovative restaurant concept with a trendy fusion of Iranian and Oriental cuisine, proudly introduces their brand new menu with the idea of ‘sharing is caring’. Hoggers like me indeed can share   given the portions are as generous as Dunia now offers. Chef Hassan Tlayji’s (Chef de Cuisine at Dunia) contemporary touch is a true pleasure for the eye and palate. Commencing with their hospitality, the happy faces of the servers as we entered ensured the satisfaction of being at the right place. Mind   you, in spite of an event, they still attended to their regular   customers with ease and equal gratitude. As a concept, the restaurant offers you an outdoor seating as well as indoors leaving up to you to decide whether you want to be part of the hustle bustle at the mall or retreat in the comforts of their warm and delightful ambience. Their décor illustrates uber and chic interiors with a bold traditional style canopy right above the service counter. The inside of the restaurant is segmented into two: sofa style seating and raised floor leading to regular seats and tables.
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