The Butcher Shop and Grill – Doha

There are a few days when my only thought is steaks and great steaks – just the word ‘delightful’ is what my tummy aims to achieve in one yummy scrumptious package.
Guess what, I did exactly the same at The Butcher Shop and Grill when I visited them over the weekend.

As hungry as I was, I couldn’t be intrigued with the interiors. Giving it a back seat (left to explore later hence no photos – it was closing hours post dinner), we proceeded straight towards ordering. Though, I have to mention the immediate warmth of the courteous staff and their readiness at guiding us to our table was commendable. The baby high chair or let’s just call it the baby high throne (I’m in love with it) was the most appealing and exciting part of the décor.


Their huge live-life king size seating was no less than that of the uber French designs. The bold green and soft white combination played well between modern and classic eras.

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3 thoughts on “The Butcher Shop and Grill – Doha

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