Bollywood Masala Restaurant – Doha

Hungry Birds Doha

Waiting since days, finally we walk into this small, complete bedazzling look; taking you back in an instance to Bollywood glamour world with beautiful dim lit lamps. Fancy posters, bright vibrant colours, unique clock; all forming part of this amazing ambience immediately took my heart. Coming next was their greetings which was warm like the restaurant colours and friendly as are the people of the B-town. The food was complete desi, to the point menu, fancy names dedicated to its theme and keeping up to the name. Our order was for 3 people: 1 galauti kebab, 1 dal tadka, 1 golmaal barbecue.
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Hungry Birds Doha

Golmaal BBQ

Bollywood ishtyle wall

Assorted Indian Breads

Galauti Kebab

See through kitchen


Interiors 1

Loved this one absolutely

Loved this one absolutely

Location: Al Muthaf Street, Old Salata, Al Salata, Doha

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